Friday, May 1, 2015

Yroo - Make Money very FAST and EASY !!!!

Just saw this one earlier from another tbn member so most of the threads focused in referral fishing

The website is called

Basically the site is focusing on advertising of clothing lines for women
and you can also earn, not only by referrals but also here:


After register, you get 2 "Tresures" (1 daily, 1 for sign-up). When you open that box, you get points. Redeem points to money ! Easy, right ?



2000 points per referral = $2 (1000 points = $1)


Payout method: Via paypal only atm

So I managed to get 5 signups in few minutes and I tried to cashout, and its fishy as fuck coz they asked for my mailing address, and its marked as (*) which means its mandatory but even so I tried to submit it without putting my mail address and it was success and said that:

"Your redemption request has been successfully received. We will review and process your order in 1-2 business days."

But well its still shady coz my balance didn't decrease and I cant find any payout requests in my transaction list. :notsure: if this site will really pay us or not, u can check their fb page too and they only have 1 girl who got her payment proof and looks like one of their staffs o.o

well if u found my post useful signup under me :jew:
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