Friday, October 3, 2014

GrandBux Strategy

GrandBux is an paid to click (PTC) site. It is most loved PTC site. is ranked 1st in emoneyspace.
In this page, I am going to reveal GrandBux Strategy which will help you to earn lot of moeny in GrandBux.
It is an unique PTC site. You can earn upto 0.03$ per Click & 0.03$ for Rented Referral Click.
If you want to Explode your PTC income Join GrandBux, most happening & legitimate paying PTC site.
Before proceeding further check GrandBux Review & Payment Proofs.
  • One Bad thing about GrandBux is that you will not earn much from the clicks of your direct referrals. You will get paid for referral upgrade. You can have unlimited Direct Referrals though.
  • Before we proceed further let’s have a look at  GrandBux memberships.
  • If you have not joined GrandBux yet, Join Now.
    grandbux strategy
  • Now you are Golden member of GrandBux.
  • Your first target is to buy 100 rented referrals for $25. For paid membership you will get Free Rented Referrals(RR) but you can get maximum 5 Rented Referrals(RR) after 3 days of interval. Till the time you will earn a lot from rented referrals.
  • Now that you have 100 RR, Your next target is to go for paid membership. But, I guarantee you that you will never regret your decision in future.
  • Upgrade to cheapest available membership Ultimate Clicker for 30 days.
  • With Ultimate Clicker membership not only you will get upto 5 Free Rented Referrals daily but also you will be given first preference in assigning Rented Referrals. Rented Referrals are assigned depending on the availability.
  • Let’s consider you get 5 rented referrals per day after Upgrade.  You will be earning on all the clicks of rented referrals unlike other PTC sites. We will not consider income coming from fixed ads of 0.0005$ for calculation purpose. We will not consider income from your personal clicks which will be min. 0.08$/day.
  • Now you have 100+5= 105 RR
  • Earnings on 1st day after upgrade from 105 rented referrals = 105 x (0.02 standard ads x 4) = 8.4$
  • Daily Earning upto 3rd day will be = 8.4$/day
  • You will get best rented referrlas average form Grandbux. See the proof below.
  • grandbux review4th day you can rent 5 more referrals. On 4th day you will be having total 110 rented referrals.
  • Earning on 4th day from 110 rented referrals = 110(0.02 x 4) = 8.8$
  • Now see how much you can earn in 30 days.
  • Day Rented ReferralsEarnings in $
    YourTotal Income=306
  • You have invested $25 for 100RR & $34.990 upgraded membership Ultimate Clicker. That means for total investment of $59.9, you will earn massive income of $306.  You can’t earn this big in any other PTC in such a short frame of time.
  • All the RRs will not be active, if half of them will be active then also you can earn $153.
  • Plus you will be earning from your direct referrals when they upgrade. For each direct referral upgrade you will earn $15, which in an extra income.
  • At the start, I will suggest you to go for Autopay option. which will give you 15% discount plus keep your initial cost low.
  • You can also consider extending referrals for 90-120 days for discount of 30% – 40%.
  • You can rent 1000 referrals in Ultimate Clicker membership.
  • Earning from 1000 rented referrals = 1000 x 0.08 = 80$/day 
  • Now that you have earned a lot from GrandBux go for Superior+ membership.
  • For Superior+ membership, you can rent 6000 RRs & click rate will increase from $0.02 to $0.03
  • Earning from 6000 rented referrals = 6000 x 0.12 = 720$/day 
  • All of them will not be active. Consider 50% of them active. Now you will earn atleast 410$/Day.
  • It’s a huge income, you can earn in any PTC in such a short frame of time.
Take your fist step towards your financial independence, Join GrandBux now!  Don’t be late….. otherwise you will miss a great opportunity. If you have any queries please feel free to write your queries below.

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