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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Helpful Tips to Earn More with your Paidverts Account

I'm writing this post to show people that the effort it takes to build up your Paidverts account is totally worth it and prove that you too can earn more with higher paying clicks.  It's a gradual climb and I am glad to start seeing some higher paying clicks coming to my account.  I'll share with you some of the things I learned about using Paidverts to get you on the right track to getting more out of your membership. 

Not a member of Paidverts yet? Join me and I will teach you how to make money with it!
Paidverts Signup Link

Things to Remember when you first start at Paidverts:

  • You will need to build up the amount of Bonus Ad Points you have in your account by clicking the Bonus Point Ads(Activation Ads) so that you can begin receiving paid ads in the daily ad issue. (and stop playing games !!!)
  • Log in to your Paidverts account daily or twice daily so that you do not miss out on any ads to click.  
  • Please read the FAQ and the How it Works pages on Paidverts so that you understand exactly how it works.
  • Advertising your other programs on Paidverts is affordable and effective because of the custom captcha system.  It allows you to highlight the 3 biggest benefits of joining your offers.  You can share sales, promo codes and helpful advice to new members using the captcha.  I am seeing results from using the advertising there and it is easy to use your Paidverts account funds to purchase the $1 ad packages.  I also love the added benefit of receiving 3100 BAPs for each $1 ad package I purchase.  
  • Actively recruiting new members to Paidverts is quite easy once you learn how the program works and all of the benefits of having an account there.  Usually people are pretty willing to join a program that offers so much earning potential and quality advertising to its members and if they haven't already joined they will probably join you!

Upgrades on Paidverts

Paidverts offers a few different upgrades to their members and are beneficial to your account if they are used properly:

  • Recycle Upgrade - Costs $0.05 and you must have 2500 BAPs in your account.
    Ads that are not viewed by the time 18hrs has passed will be "recycled" and given to users that have purchased this super affordable upgrade.   You will receive recycled ads until you reach $1+ of ads.  This  could be 200* $0.005 ads or a single $10+ ad!
Super User Upgrades - When you purchase one of these(or both at the same time) your account will receive 10 of the 1% of ads that are created with each new ad package that is purchased.  This means that if someone purchases a $100 ad package it will create 10 of the $1 ads that will be issued at random at the end of the server day.  As a Super user, you and the other Super Users will share those ads!  
  • Mini - Costs $2.99 and your account will receive ads ranging from $0.01 to $0.49 each for 7 days or until you reach $2.99+ worth of ads.  For example, I purchased this upgrade and over the 7 days have received $8.81 worth of ads! It is definitely worth the upgrade cost!
  • Mega - Costs $19.99 and allows you to receive ads ranging from $0.50 and up for 7 days! I have not tried this upgrade yet but I will soon.  It is a good idea to build up at least $19.99 in account funds to purchase this upgrade.  
  • Ad Filter - Costs $10.00 and allows you to block low paying ads from being sent to your account and using up your BAPs on tiny value ads.  This is a good upgrade for users with a lot of BAPs in their account.  It does take a long time to  click all of the ads sent to your account so use this when you have reached the higher BAP levels.  You don't want a bunch of your ads recycling because you don't have time to click them all.  **Do not set your Ad Filter for ads higher than the amount of BAPs you have or you won't be receiving ads at all.   Be careful with this and only use it when you really need it.  
  • Vacation Mode - Costs $1.99 or 10,000 BAPs is good for when you will be going offline for a long time and won't be able to click your ads.  BAPs are consumed when ads are issued to your account and if you let them recycle you will lose the BAPs and not make money from the ads.  It is affordable and will save your BAPs.  
Now that you understand how the program works you will be able to prove your traffic value and begin receiving higher value ads to your Paidverts account.
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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Paidverts - Earn $50 a day without Referrals !!

Paidverts - Earn $50 a day without Referrals !!

Do you know Many peoples around you are earning over a $3000 per month Online from their Computer... 

Are You ??... If no then No Worry !

                Friends i have a trick.Today i will teach you how to earn not $3000 but $50 a day or $1500 a month. Yes, you can earn this amount from your own computer. And the best part is that you do not have to invest even a single Dollar  and you can earn $1500 per month with your own effort, You also do not need even a Single Referral. The site name is Paidverts.

So, What is Paidverts ??...

                PaidVerts is an advertising platform that pays you to interact with advertisers.
Advertisers purchase ads in their system and Paidverts deliver those ads to your account every hour. In other words, Paidverts is a paid to click (PTC) website. But Remember Paidverts is not Like the regular ptc sites which you joins and click ads for less than a single pennies. It is totally different. Paidverts is fully loaded with a very very unique Script. That's why Paidverts got their 50000 members in less than a Month. And have more than 200,000 Members Now

                In Paidverts you can earn money just by viewing ads. Yes i am not joking. You really can earn $100 a day or $3000 a Month for just clicking some ads everyday. I know you won't believe me because no one can earn such a big amount just by clicking ads. For your Believe, Today me and some of my friends had taken some screenshots of their ads. Watch them below..

Screenshot (1)..

Screenshot (2)..

Screenshot (3)..

Screenshot (4)..

Screenshot (5)..

Screenshot (6)..

              Paidverts is a part of My traffic value which is Stable and paying their members on time since 2010. So, don't even think that paidverts will scam you. Paidverts is Legit, Trusted and Paying their every members on time.

              By Reading this Post, I am sure every one want's to know the Strategy to earn More than $1500 a month and Clicking such ads. That's why i had described the whole story below in FIVE Phases. Kindly read them Carefully...

PHASE 1 (Registration) = Before starting out you must have to register an account at Paidverts. After Registration Log in your account and go to ‘Members Home Page’. Click activation ads and view all 8 activation ads. Each activation ad will give you 50 BAPs. You can get 8 activation ads daily in your account. Try to click all the ads every day. It will help you to earn much Money.

PHASE 2 (BAPs) = BAPs which is also known as Bonous Ad Points. BAP is a type of Paidverts currency which will help you to gain Paid ads. On the first day at paidverts you will only earn BAP not real cash. There is not so much difference between BAPs and Real cash. Each BAP is equal to $0.0005. You can only use BAPs to play casino games and can win some extra BAPs. You can’t use them for other purpose also you can not convert them to Money. But don’t worry, I have told you that Paidverts consists a very unique script. Your BAPs will be used by Paidverts to deliver you paid ads. For example, Today you have 1700 BAPs. Tomorrow when you log in your account you got a $0.10 ad. Then, you will see 200 BAPs has already been deducted from your account ($0.0005*200=$0.10). So, BAPs is the key to success in Paidverts. The more you accumulate – the Higher your earnings will be. Paidverts will deduct your BAPs and give you Paid ads each and everyday.

PHASE 3 (Ads) = At Paidverts everyday you can see two type of ads. Activation ads and Paid ads. Activation ads will give you BAPs and Paid ads will give you Real cash. You will recieve paid ads but don't forget to click activation ads everyday. For example if you have 2000 BAPs in your account and if there is a $2 ad in circulation then you will not recieve that ad because you don't have enough BAPs which Paidverts will deduct. But if there is a $1 ad in circulation, then there is a chance that you might recieve that ad. Paid ads are recyling throughout the day. For example, if you logged in Today at 8 Am and clicked all available ads, after that when you again log in at 4 PM then you will see some more ads are available again to click. Try to log in your Paidverts account in every 12 hours. Activtion ads expires within 24 hrs. But remember You only have 18hrs to click paid ads because Paid ads expires in within 18 hours.

PHASE 4 (Upgrading account) = Upgrading your account at paidverts will cost you only $0.05. Paidverts is not like other PTC sites where Upgrading account costs $20 a month or $800 per year. Upgrading your account at Paidverts will give you the priority to recieve Recycled ads. So, What is Recycled ads ?.. = Recycled ads are those ads which are not clicked by the member and got recycled.
         For example, there are two active members John and Sam. Both of them are active and click their ads every day and earning a lots of money. But today John goes on a Vacation and today he is not active at Paidvets. Today John and Sam both got 20 ads. Sam clicked all their ads because he is active today. But John is on Vacation and he didn't clicked any ads today. John ads will expire after 18 hours and gets recycled. So, that is called Recycled ads. Only Upgraded members recieves Recycled ads. In an average i am Reciving 8 to 12 Recycled ads Everyday.
          Upgrading will cost you $0.05 and 2500 BAPs. But don't worry only $0.05 will be deducted from your account not 2500 BAPs. But one thing you should remember that Your Upgraded membership can expire tomorrow or it can also be expired after a week. But before expiring it will deliver at least $1 worth of ads. Try to Notice one thing that Upgrading will cost you only $0.05 but it expires after delivering at least $1 worth of ads. Isn't Upgrading is much profitable.

PHASE 5 (Bulk ad packs) = As I already told you. Paidverts is a Revolution in PTCs. Do you know purchasing ad packs at Paidverts is very very profitable ??... At other PTCs when you purchase any advertising package then it costs a large amount of money and also you won’t get any Good results. But it doesn’t happen at paidverts. Each Ad pack will cost you $1 and will give you these things Instantly :-
       #25 (728*90) banner impression
    #100 (125*125) banner impression
    #50 visits to your website
     #3100 Bonus Ad Points will be added to your account.

Isn’t it looks much profitable ?.. With only $1 you will receive all those elements Instantly in your account with 3100 BAPs. Think a while, you purchased it with $1 and they delivers 3100 BAPs which is equal to $1.55 (3100*$0.0005=$1.55). So, I recommend you to purchase an ad pack as soon as your account reaches $1 because it is very much Profitable.

Paidverts accepts Deposit's and Withdrawl's from 8 Payment processors now and it is Increasing Everyday...

Are You Still Confused ??...

Watch this Amazing Video..

Still One Thing You Should Have To Remember...
 Don't Forget to Do This...

If you do this, You will be my Referral and you will recieve Recycled ads from Me..., So, Don't Forget..

Remember that at the Begining you will not earn much money, You should have Patience in You. At Paidverts everyday your Earning will Increase. The key to earn a huge Money in Paidverts is BAPs. The More BAPs you can collect, the Higher Your Earnings will be. Purchasing Ad packs is only the Best way to collect High Bonous Points. It will give you traffic as well as a large number of BAPs also.  Think a while, if you cashout your earnings then the money will stay in your Paypal or payza accounts or Bitcoin Wallet. But if you use that money in Purchasing ads you will recieve a full 55% Profit as BAPs.
So, That's it. For what you are waiting for ? SIGN UP NOW and start Clicking For $$$.

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Paidverts Review: PTC that pays dollars?

    PaidVerts review: is it trusted?
PaidVerts ( is new program which can be classified as being an awesome hybrid between a Paid-To-Click and a Revenue Share program. It was launched on March 31, 2014 by Jo Cook.
There comes the ask: Who is Jo?
Well, he is not only an experienced marketeer. He is also the proud owner of MyTrafficValue ( a crowdfunding platform which is online since early 2010.
In fact, PaidVerts is part of their portofolio products. The innovative and “built from scratch” script is the result of crowdfunding efforts and members suggestions collected over months.

PaidVerts pays you to interact with advertisers!

As quoted in their FAQ: “Advertisers purchase ads in our system. We then deliver those ads to proven valuable users, and provide those users with instant cash incentives to interact with the advertiser. Advertisers thereby pay for guaranteed communication of their products to proven valuable users.”
That’s for the company part.
But I’m sure your focus is about:
– How much you can earn (money)
– What are the other benefits (free direct referrals)
This is how to make money and earn more with PaidVerts:
There is two factors determining your daily earning:
1) The amount of BAP you got (group),
2) The total sales generated that day (yes… it’s not a HYIP! Money comes from genuine sales!).
Since you can hardly have an impact on total sales, your main focus is to grow your BAP. But how?
You are going to purchase advertising (Click on “Buy Ads” on your navigation panel, then “Create a campaign”).
For each $1 spent on advertising, you will receive 3100 BAP.
Those 3100 BAP will convert into $1.55 ads value available to be clicked in your view ads section (and this as fast as your BAP level and total sales allow it!).
To sum up you make 55% NET profit again and again!
Sound cool, right? But keep reading it turns even better! :)
About the BAP: groups/tiers:
Depending how much BAP you have you will have different value and amount of advertisements available to click in your “View Ads” section. For example, on the 10 June 2014, the first group was earning $0.04 by clicking their advertisements while for top group it was… $84!!!
The group are those:
Group 01: from 100 to 1599 BAP.
Group 02: from 1600 to 12000 BAP.
Group 03: from 12000 to 24000 BAP.
Group 04: from 24k to 48k BAP.
Group 05: from 48k to 96k BAP.
Group 06: from 96k to 180k BAP.
Group 07: from 180k to 360k BAP.
Group 08: from 360k to 720k BAP.
Group 09: from 720k to 1.5m BAP.
Group 10: from 1.5m to 3m BAP.
Group 11: from 3m to 6m BAP.
Group 12: 6m to 20m BAP.
Group 13: 20m BAP and up.
Set up your goals:
Divide the lower limit of a group by 3100 to find out how much you should invest to enter a group. For example, a $16 investment would give you 49600 BAP (16*3100) and make you enter the Group 05. Everyday at server reset, you will burn BAP (2000 per $1 value) to receive your advertising to click. Once you have clicked the ads, you will use a part (or all if you want to grow faster) of your earning to repurchase advertising in order to remain in your group. And the 55% remaining is your NET PROFIT (you can withdraw it!).

PaidVerts is your free direct referrals pool!

It’s now obvious: earning potential is great at PaidVerts. But there is a HUGE bonus!
You get free advertising by the same way. Not a bulk and useless 3 seconds PTC view, some great 30 seconds advertising shown to thousands investors and cheat protected by awesome captcha. This will probably get you some great upgraded direct referrals on your favorite programs! :)

PaidVerts is a transparent money making machine!

The good part with PaidVerts is that you can see a breakdown of every cent earned, and paid out to investors.
This comes handy to set up your strategy with accuracy! :)
Paidverts comes also with affiliate system.
Earn 10% on every purchases your referrals make and 5% on their clicks (You will love when they start clicking high-value ads! :D).
There is a lot more things to discover and enjoy. This blog post will be updated overtime to make it more complete!
Feel free to join me at
I will be glad to support you and guide you when required.

Extra Ressources:

Rated as “Paying” by PTC-Investigation: see the review!

Discover the best marketing tricks to boost your online success: Register now:
Learn more about email marketing, register now!
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Friday, October 3, 2014

GrandBux Strategy

GrandBux is an paid to click (PTC) site. It is most loved PTC site. is ranked 1st in emoneyspace.
In this page, I am going to reveal GrandBux Strategy which will help you to earn lot of moeny in GrandBux.
It is an unique PTC site. You can earn upto 0.03$ per Click & 0.03$ for Rented Referral Click.
If you want to Explode your PTC income Join GrandBux, most happening & legitimate paying PTC site.
Before proceeding further check GrandBux Review & Payment Proofs.
  • One Bad thing about GrandBux is that you will not earn much from the clicks of your direct referrals. You will get paid for referral upgrade. You can have unlimited Direct Referrals though.
  • Before we proceed further let’s have a look at  GrandBux memberships.
  • If you have not joined GrandBux yet, Join Now.
    grandbux strategy
  • Now you are Golden member of GrandBux.
  • Your first target is to buy 100 rented referrals for $25. For paid membership you will get Free Rented Referrals(RR) but you can get maximum 5 Rented Referrals(RR) after 3 days of interval. Till the time you will earn a lot from rented referrals.
  • Now that you have 100 RR, Your next target is to go for paid membership. But, I guarantee you that you will never regret your decision in future.
  • Upgrade to cheapest available membership Ultimate Clicker for 30 days.
  • With Ultimate Clicker membership not only you will get upto 5 Free Rented Referrals daily but also you will be given first preference in assigning Rented Referrals. Rented Referrals are assigned depending on the availability.
  • Let’s consider you get 5 rented referrals per day after Upgrade.  You will be earning on all the clicks of rented referrals unlike other PTC sites. We will not consider income coming from fixed ads of 0.0005$ for calculation purpose. We will not consider income from your personal clicks which will be min. 0.08$/day.
  • Now you have 100+5= 105 RR
  • Earnings on 1st day after upgrade from 105 rented referrals = 105 x (0.02 standard ads x 4) = 8.4$
  • Daily Earning upto 3rd day will be = 8.4$/day
  • You will get best rented referrlas average form Grandbux. See the proof below.
  • grandbux review4th day you can rent 5 more referrals. On 4th day you will be having total 110 rented referrals.
  • Earning on 4th day from 110 rented referrals = 110(0.02 x 4) = 8.8$
  • Now see how much you can earn in 30 days.
  • Day Rented ReferralsEarnings in $
    YourTotal Income=306
  • You have invested $25 for 100RR & $34.990 upgraded membership Ultimate Clicker. That means for total investment of $59.9, you will earn massive income of $306.  You can’t earn this big in any other PTC in such a short frame of time.
  • All the RRs will not be active, if half of them will be active then also you can earn $153.
  • Plus you will be earning from your direct referrals when they upgrade. For each direct referral upgrade you will earn $15, which in an extra income.
  • At the start, I will suggest you to go for Autopay option. which will give you 15% discount plus keep your initial cost low.
  • You can also consider extending referrals for 90-120 days for discount of 30% – 40%.
  • You can rent 1000 referrals in Ultimate Clicker membership.
  • Earning from 1000 rented referrals = 1000 x 0.08 = 80$/day 
  • Now that you have earned a lot from GrandBux go for Superior+ membership.
  • For Superior+ membership, you can rent 6000 RRs & click rate will increase from $0.02 to $0.03
  • Earning from 6000 rented referrals = 6000 x 0.12 = 720$/day 
  • All of them will not be active. Consider 50% of them active. Now you will earn atleast 410$/Day.
  • It’s a huge income, you can earn in any PTC in such a short frame of time.
Take your fist step towards your financial independence, Join GrandBux now!  Don’t be late….. otherwise you will miss a great opportunity. If you have any queries please feel free to write your queries below.
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