Thursday, October 16, 2014

Helpful Tips to Earn More with your Paidverts Account

I'm writing this post to show people that the effort it takes to build up your Paidverts account is totally worth it and prove that you too can earn more with higher paying clicks.  It's a gradual climb and I am glad to start seeing some higher paying clicks coming to my account.  I'll share with you some of the things I learned about using Paidverts to get you on the right track to getting more out of your membership. 

Not a member of Paidverts yet? Join me and I will teach you how to make money with it!
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Things to Remember when you first start at Paidverts:

  • You will need to build up the amount of Bonus Ad Points you have in your account by clicking the Bonus Point Ads(Activation Ads) so that you can begin receiving paid ads in the daily ad issue. (and stop playing games !!!)
  • Log in to your Paidverts account daily or twice daily so that you do not miss out on any ads to click.  
  • Please read the FAQ and the How it Works pages on Paidverts so that you understand exactly how it works.
  • Advertising your other programs on Paidverts is affordable and effective because of the custom captcha system.  It allows you to highlight the 3 biggest benefits of joining your offers.  You can share sales, promo codes and helpful advice to new members using the captcha.  I am seeing results from using the advertising there and it is easy to use your Paidverts account funds to purchase the $1 ad packages.  I also love the added benefit of receiving 3100 BAPs for each $1 ad package I purchase.  
  • Actively recruiting new members to Paidverts is quite easy once you learn how the program works and all of the benefits of having an account there.  Usually people are pretty willing to join a program that offers so much earning potential and quality advertising to its members and if they haven't already joined they will probably join you!

Upgrades on Paidverts

Paidverts offers a few different upgrades to their members and are beneficial to your account if they are used properly:

  • Recycle Upgrade - Costs $0.05 and you must have 2500 BAPs in your account.
    Ads that are not viewed by the time 18hrs has passed will be "recycled" and given to users that have purchased this super affordable upgrade.   You will receive recycled ads until you reach $1+ of ads.  This  could be 200* $0.005 ads or a single $10+ ad!
Super User Upgrades - When you purchase one of these(or both at the same time) your account will receive 10 of the 1% of ads that are created with each new ad package that is purchased.  This means that if someone purchases a $100 ad package it will create 10 of the $1 ads that will be issued at random at the end of the server day.  As a Super user, you and the other Super Users will share those ads!  
  • Mini - Costs $2.99 and your account will receive ads ranging from $0.01 to $0.49 each for 7 days or until you reach $2.99+ worth of ads.  For example, I purchased this upgrade and over the 7 days have received $8.81 worth of ads! It is definitely worth the upgrade cost!
  • Mega - Costs $19.99 and allows you to receive ads ranging from $0.50 and up for 7 days! I have not tried this upgrade yet but I will soon.  It is a good idea to build up at least $19.99 in account funds to purchase this upgrade.  
  • Ad Filter - Costs $10.00 and allows you to block low paying ads from being sent to your account and using up your BAPs on tiny value ads.  This is a good upgrade for users with a lot of BAPs in their account.  It does take a long time to  click all of the ads sent to your account so use this when you have reached the higher BAP levels.  You don't want a bunch of your ads recycling because you don't have time to click them all.  **Do not set your Ad Filter for ads higher than the amount of BAPs you have or you won't be receiving ads at all.   Be careful with this and only use it when you really need it.  
  • Vacation Mode - Costs $1.99 or 10,000 BAPs is good for when you will be going offline for a long time and won't be able to click your ads.  BAPs are consumed when ads are issued to your account and if you let them recycle you will lose the BAPs and not make money from the ads.  It is affordable and will save your BAPs.  
Now that you understand how the program works you will be able to prove your traffic value and begin receiving higher value ads to your Paidverts account.

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